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Thread: Racepak IQ3 for Sale

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    Racepak IQ3 for Sale

    IQ3 Data Logger Dash aka USM Module, default display settings:
    • Shift light display
    • Engine RPM array
    • Engine RPM digital
    • GPS Speed
    • Gear
    • Lap Time, last lap
    • Predicted Lap time
    • Best lap time of session
    The USM module will accept up to 4 sensors as a stand alone unit. It is possible to connect up a total of 32, 28 incremental to the initial 4. You need a Racepak smart box to do this.

    I am the second owner, got it from a guy who had two (2). He broke a pin that accepts the satellite data. I used the Data logger just for the shift light...but decided to get the problem fixed, sent it to Racepak (It comes back this week), and had the board with the broken connector replaced. Racepak has give the unit a clean bill of health.

    The display is crisp and looks great as does the unit. I will have pics this week. For those interested, go to the Racepak web site for more detailed information. The buyer of this unit will get everything that was initially included with the system, instruction manual, etc.

    New the unit is $1,495, my price, $995, free shipping, Pay Pal accepted.

    Martin Schacht
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