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Thread: We've been waiting too long for this win!!!

  1. We've been waiting too long for this win!!!

    Cayman fans, that is. For those of you who didn't watch the race or check the results, I am proud to announce that Jack Baldwin in the Guard Transmission sponsored Napleton Porsche Motorsports GTS class Cayman S took the win last weekend at Long Beach. Jack started on the outside pole opposite Cunningham, and with the standing start format of World Challenge was able to get a great launch and immediately get into the lead. From that point on he never surrended that lead. Justin Bell tried to chase him down late in the race but with lots of green flag racing and no full course yellows to bunch everybody up, Jack and his Cayman were unstoppable. This is the first major professional motorsports racing win for a Cayman in any venue in North America and we're hoping that it won't be the last. You can watch the replay of the race on the NBC Sports Network (formerly Versus) on Sunday April 29th at 3pm Eastern Time.

    Matt Monson
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    Gotta say, it's pretty sweet to see this car win. Matt- do you know more about how this build differs from the Interseries cars?

    I'm thinking a few Caymans are looking for wins tomorrow at the POC races too

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    Congrats to Jack Baldwin. I was there on Saturday and saw the car in the expo area, what a beautiful build. Everything looked really top notch on the car. A great win for the Cayman/Cayman owners! Keep up the good work.
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    Is that the PDK car?

  5. Niraj,
    While we discuss LSD set up prior to each event, I'm not party to every detail of the vehicle's set up, and even if I was, I wouldn't really be in a position to talk about it. One thing I do know that I can say is that it's a much more aggressive and functional rear wing than the IS cars run. Beyond that I can't really say.

    The car is a 6MT. Napleton is building about half a dozen PDKs to be part of the Intereseries HSR races, but SCCA World Challenge rules require a manual transmission. Plus until the PDK is 100% driver controllable in all conditions, it won't be a viable race gearbox. And even then it's not a terribly strong gearbox. If it was motorsports worthy, it would already be in the Cup Cars instead of the Cups using a sequential dog box of more conventional design.
    Matt Monson
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    Jack told me last year they would be seeing if a PDK car could make a year of racing, must be the interseries car which is the one I think they were testing at Road Atlanta last fall. Car was FAST!

  7. Yep, the built a test vehicle to showcase in order to get people interested in the PDKs and further promote the series. It worked. I think they are currently building 5 or 6 PDK Interseries cars.

    Jack originally had a Interseries car lined up to buy and convert to WC spec. And then the car got in a wreck and was a write off. They found a low miles 2010 street car that they converted just before St Pete. They were scrambling just to get the thing done and ready to race the first race.
    Matt Monson
    Guard Transmission LLC
    p 303.530.1094

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